15 Social Media Posts to Promote Your Book

Social media gives authors a chance to connect with readers and promote their books. But with so many different platforms and types of posts to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start and what type of content to create.

Here are 15 types of social media posts you can create and use to promote your book.

1. Book Trailer

A book trailer is a short video giving potential readers a glimpse of your book. Use the video to showcase your writing style and the story you’re telling.

2. Cover Reveal

When you’re ready to share your book’s cover with the world, a cover reveal is a great way to do it. You can create a fun and engaging post that will get people excited about your book.

3. Author Q&A

A Q&A gives you the opportunity to connect with readers and answer their questions about your book. You can host a live Q&A on social media or create a post where you answer questions that have been submitted in advance.

4. Review Quotes

Share positive reviews from readers and critics to help build buzz around your book. You can include quotes in your social media posts or create a dedicated page on your website to showcase them.

5. Press Hits

When your book gets press, be sure to share the news on social media while also tagging the outlet and writer. This will help you reach a wider audience and generate more interest in your book.

6. Live Interviews

If you have the opportunity to do a live interview, be sure to promote it on social media as a way to connect with readers and answer their questions in real time.

7. Giveaways

Giveaways generate excitement and interest in your book. You can give away copies of your book, or you can offer other prizes that are related to your book.

8. Book Excerpts

Share excerpts from your book on social media to give potential readers a taste of what they’re in for. This is an opportunity to get people interested in reading your book.

9. Author Photos

Share photos of yourself and your book to help readers connect with you on a personal level as a way to build relationships with readers and make them feel like they know you.

10. Book-related Photos

Share photos of book-related things, such as your writing desk, your favorite books, or behind-the-scenes of your book tour. These posts show readers what you love about books and why they should read your book.


Share quotes from your book or from other authors that you love as a way to inspire and motivate readers.

12. Write Blog Posts

Share blog posts about your book, your writing process, or other topics related to books. This provides value to readers and positions yourself as an expert in your field.

13. Videos

Share videos of yourself reading from your book, talking about your writing process, or answering questions about your book. This lets you connect with readers on a visual level.

14. Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun and engaging way to get readers involved with your book. You can create a quiz about your book’s plot, characters, or setting.

15. Polls

Polls are an engaging way to get feedback from readers about your book. You can ask them what they think of the characters, the plot, or the ending.

These are just a few ideas for social media posts you can use to promote your book. The most important thing is to be creative, have fun with it, and be yourself. Authenticity is key! The more engaging and interesting your posts are, the more likely people are to read your book.

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