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Pacific & Court can tailor a publicity and marketing plan for any book you are looking to promote. Read through our suite of services below and decide what your priorities might be. Then contact us and we’ll set up a free consultation to discuss options and different strategies. You can also download a more detailed description of the services we offer by clicking on the link below.

Publicity Services

Strategic, Tailored Publicity Campaigns

Pacific & Court offers full-service customized publicity campaigns to reflect the goals and needs of the author and the book. We craft tailored publicity plans for all genres of books, including non-fiction, fiction, business, children’s books, self-help, self-published, etc. Our strategic campaigns target national and local media, including print, online and broadcast outlets, to secure impactful coverage.

– Newspapers
– Magazines
– TV
– Radio
– Podcasts
– Digital media
– Blogs

Blog Tours

P&C coordinates and schedules blog tours with influential book blogs, bookstagrammers, book-tubers, and book-tokers.

– Authors Q&As
Book reviews
Cover features
Social media posts

Signing and Events

P&C organizes and promotes author appearances, book signings, and professional events.

– Launch events
– Virtual book signings
– Speaking engagements
– Media interviews and appearances

Book Reviews

P&C will secure book reviews through traditional news media as well as bloggers and key book influencers.

– Amazon
– Goodreads
– NetGalley
– Blogs
– Book editors

Author Platforms

P&C will guide authors on how to build and grow their platforms through bylined articles, op-ed columns, expert interviews as well as social media presence.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Management

– Facebook
– Instagram
– Twitter

Social Media Advertising

P&C offers a suite of paid social-media advertising across multiple platforms to dramatically expand the reach of your titles and build awareness both before and after release.

– Facebook and Instagram
– Pinterest
– Twitter
– Google Search
– YouTube (pre- and mid-roll)
– LinkedIn
– BookBub
– Goodreads

Amazon Advertising

P&C manages all Amazon advertising services, from sponsored products to full Amazon Store launches, to effectively and efficiently boost sales of titles based on critical search keywords.

– Sponsored Product, Brand and Display
– Kindle Lockscreen
– Amazon Store design and management*

*Available to publishers and authors with multiple titles

P&C can help identify, contact and work with key influencers across social media networks to get your book into the hands of individuals that can spread word of your book to their fans.

Marketing Consulting

One-On-One Consulting

Co-founder Keith Riegert, Publisher at Ulysses Press and instructor at NYU’s Center for Publishing, can help your publishing and marketing team build and execute a strategy for improving the way your company reaches new audiences and sells books online.

  • Digital advertising strategy, testing and analysis
  • Building and optimizing email newsletters
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager deployment, reporting and analysis
  • Earning money through affiliate accounts
  • SEO and website optimization
  • Amazon Advertising strategies and best practices
  • Book metadata optimization for organic search
  • Building and operating a D2C store (using Shopify)

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