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The Indie Author’s PR Glossary: 20 Words To Know

Boilerplate, bylines, embargo, pitches, press hits… the world of PR has a language all its own! As you step into the publicity spotlight for your book launch, here are the terms and phrases you’ll want to learn about all things PR. B-roll: This is secondary background footage (photos or videos) often used in TV segments.…

How To Use Your Local Community Connections for Book Support

One of the biggest changes in recent years to the media landscape is the focus on hyperlocality, meaning that your local newspapers, magazines, and digital news sites will only write and publish stories that feature a strong connection to that specific city, community, or region. Local news must be local. While everyone dreams of getting…

5 Common Marketing Mistakes Authors Make – And Expert Solutions

Marketing a new book is an exciting and oftentimes life-changing experience. Authors get to promote their writing, make new writer friends, and build a genuine community of readers.  Authors may also feel overwhelmed and self-conscious about whether or not they are marketing their book correctly to reach their target audience. Here, learn five common mistakes…