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Pacific & Court is a Brooklyn-based publicity and digital marketing company specializing in promoting independent authors and book publishers looking to publicize the release of new and existing titles. Together, our team has over 30 years of experience publishing, promoting and marketing bestselling books. Pacific & Court’s focus is on getting the best promotional bang for every buck spent – focusing on heavily tested and proven methods of reaching the exact audience that will be receptive to your unique book.

Co-Founder and President, Kourtney Jason, has over a decade of experience as a publicist, representing celebrities, world-renowned chefs, and bestselling authors. She led the in-house publicity departments at Ulysses Press and Time Inc. Books.

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Interested in publicity? Get your book the media attention it deserves with a customized publicity proposal from one of New York’s most experienced book publicity and marketing teams.

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Looking to reach new audiences online? Find out how our cost-effective social media marketing and digital advertising services can transform the trajectory of your book sales.

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