5 Differences Between Fiction and Non-Fiction Book PR Campaigns

Book publicity campaigns are a great way to get the word out about your book and generate interest from potential readers. However, there are some key differences between fiction and nonfiction book PR campaigns that you should be aware of.

Different Types of PR Hits

For fiction books, the goal of a PR campaign is often to generate as much buzz and excitement as possible through a variety of channels, including book reviews, interviews, author appearances, and social media.

For nonfiction books, the goal of a PR campaign is often to position the author as an expert in their field through interviews, speaking engagements, and by writing articles or blog posts on topics related to the book.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are an important part of any PR campaign, but they are especially important for fiction books because reviews help generate interest in the book and build buzz around it.

For nonfiction books, book reviews are still important, but they are not as essential as they are for fiction books because nonfiction books are often bought based on the author’s expertise or the topic of the book, rather than on the reviews.

Lead Time for Book Reviews

Fiction books typically need more lead time to garner book reviews than nonfiction books as they are often reviewed by literary magazines and journals, which have longer lead times than newspapers and magazines.

Nonfiction books can often be reviewed more quickly, as they are often reviewed by newspapers and magazines, which have shorter lead times.

Positioning Authors as Expert

For fiction books, the author is not typically positioned as an expert. Fiction is a work of imagination, and the author is more likely to be asked about their writing process in interviews.

For nonfiction books, the author is more likely to be positioned as an expert in their field because these books are based on real-world events or topics. The author is likely an expert on the subject of their book either through research, education, or personal experience.

Different Audiences

Fiction and nonfiction books appeal to different audiences. Fiction books may appeal to a wider audience, as they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Nonfiction books are more likely to appeal to a more specific audience, as they are typically focused on a particular topic or field.

By understanding these differences between fiction and nonfiction book PR campaigns, you can create a PR campaign that is tailored to your book and your audience. Want to learn more about P&C’s PR and marketing strategies? Reach out to us today!

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