The Social Media Timeline Every Author Needs

Social media timeline for authors book launch

Bookstagram, BookTok, BookTube–one of the best ways to spread the word about your book is through the power and community of readers and book reviewers on social media. But it’s not enough to rely on others to promote your book–you need your own strategic social media roll-out to boost pre-orders, generate buzz, highlight your media hits, and grow your audience!

Once you know your key messages and goals for your social media accounts, you’ll want to plan your book launch content in advance. Strategy is a necessity–you’ll need thoughtful posts that will be published on a schedule (remember the ever-important 70-20-10 rule). Social media is way too important to be posting on a whim whenever you feel like it.

Here’s a recommended timeline with content suggestions for the three months leading up to your book publication date.

Three Months Pre-Publication: Cover Reveal + Pre-Order Push

  • Once you’ve confirmed with your publisher that you can start posting about your book, you’ll want your first post to include a link to any e-retailer, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your preferred independent bookstore, noting that your book will be available wherever books are sold.
  • Create a book hashtag. This is worth creating if you want your followers to post your book and find your reading community. Book hashtags are most commonly the book title.
  • Note: The book cover reveal can be posted as early as having your book on e-retailers  with a final cover, but again check with your publisher to ensure that they are ready for your promotional posts.

Two Months Pre-Publication: Event Schedule 

  • If you have planned a book tour with book signings and talks, you’ll want to share a graphic detailing all the dates, times, and locations for your events. You’ll also want this information added to your website with links to reserve/buy tickets.

One Month Pre-Publication: Unboxing Video

  • When your author copies arrive, film a video of you opening the box of books with your genuine reaction to holding your book for the first time! Soak up this moment–you’ll be happy to have had this moment captured on video.

Two Weeks Pre-Publication: Sneak Peek Video

  • Film a reel flipping through the book to share what’s in it, getting your followers excited about its upcoming release.
  • Share any reviews, interviews or features that have been published in advance of the book’s release date.

Publication Day: Posts to Celebrate Publication Day

  • WOO! The day is finally here! Do not for a second feel self-conscious about posting non-stop on your book publication day. It’s an incredible accomplishment, and you should enjoy every second of the special day.
  • If you have a busy day of press on your launch day, take your followers behind the scenes as you go to and from interviews and events.
  • Share any posts from your friends and family who are supporting your book release.

1-2 Weeks Post-Publication Day: Book Reviews

  • Ask and you shall receive! In a genuine manner, thank your followers for joining and supporting you through your book launch. In this message, ask for a small favor from them, saying if they bought and liked your book, then consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever they prefer. Positive reviews are key to sustaining book sales, telling others that your book is worthy of their time and giving you credibility as an author.

Anytime + As They Happen:

  • Giveaways (signed copies): Consider hosting a giveaway on your social media channels to build interest and engagement with your audience.
  • Share book reviews, press coverage, giveaways from other accounts, etc. Post as coverage is published and tag the outlets/journalists, if possible.
  • Re-posts of anyone else sharing your book on social media.

Stressed out by the dos and don’ts of social media? Give us a call to talk about your social media strategy!

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