7 Types of Pitches to Use in Your Book PR Campaign

We recently shared a PR glossary with terms and phrases to learn before starting your book launch. Now, let’s dive deeper into the different types of pitch angles you could utilize in your campaign and media outreach.

Upcoming Book

A standard book pitch highlights the new or forthcoming book with the goal to secure reviews, features, and roundups. This pitch will vary based on the genre of your book. Cookbook pitches will be different from business book pitches which will be different from a self-help book pitch. And non-fiction book pitches will vary from fiction book pitches.

Local Author

A local author pitch highlights your local community connection to the regional media for features and stories.

Expert Interview

An expert interview pitch will highlight an author’s expert knowledge to comment on specific topics that relate to their book and background.

Podcast Interview

A podcast interview pitch will offer interviews with detailed talking points to help producers and hosts envision the interview’s content and direction.

TV Segment

A TV segment pitch should also offer a service angle – which means you want to tell the producer what the audience is going to learn or take away from the interview or segment. This pitch should also include talking points to help producers and hosts envision the interview’s content and direction. And if available, include links to past appearances that highlight your comfort and confidence in live interviews.

Personal Essay

An essay pitch will solicit interest from an outlet to publish a first-person essay you’ve written about a topic important to you or that is relevant to your book.

Awareness Month

An awareness month tie-in pitch is a strategy to secure coverage within articles and other media content that is timed to a particular awareness day, week, or month, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Black History Month, AAPI Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, etc.

Always Follow Up!

Finally, the most important email you can send during a book PR campaign is the follow-up email! It’s important and necessary to respectfully check in with contacts after their initial response of interest to continue moving the conversation toward the finish line of published coverage for you and your book.

Not sure where to begin in your PR strategy? Give us a call and we’ll help!

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