Top KDP Tools for Publishing Your Book

If you are self-publishing a book or moving it over for publication on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, these downloadable tools are must haves. Download them below.

KDP Royalty Calculator. This Excel sheet provides an interactive tool for calculating what “royalty” Amazon will pay you for each book you sell through KDP. The royalty amount is dependent on the type of paper (white or cream) and the ink (black & white or color) and the page count. So play around with pricing until you hit the royalty amount you think is right.

KDP Print File Setup Calculator. This handy calculator allows you to exactly define the measurements you will need to submit for your book jacket files. KDP requires all book jackets to have a sizable outside margin consisting of a bleed and trim variance (the outside margin ensures any slight printing errors don’t end up as white strips on your cover). So make sure to allow for a larger background than your target trim size and keep any text within the live area. The spine width is determined by the type of paper, ink, and page count.

Amazon Kindle KDP layout

Now that you’ve got your book published and ready to go on KDP, give us a call to discuss how to promote your book to the world.