How to Beat Writer’s Block: 10 Authors Share Their Tips + Tricks

Every writer knows that feeling. You sit down with the intent to write, but instead, you end up staring at the blank page in front of you, hopelessly stuck, with the cursor flashing in your face–you’ve got a case of writer’s block.

Maybe you just can’t find the inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, or you’re burnt out from working too hard, or you have too many other things on your mind to think clearly about what you want to write. No matter the reason, know that you’re not alone! Writer’s block hits us all at some point. And it’s up to us individually to figure out how to find inspiration again. 

Here are some tactics to beat writer’s block from 10 published authors. Maybe their suggestions will help you write your next bestseller!

“I’m a big proponent of sleeping long hours. I always find that I am re-energized and inspired after a night of deep sleep, particularly with lucid dreams.” — La Carmina, author of The Little Book of Satanism

“When I get stuck in a writing project, my solution is to get away from it and go on a long run. By holding it loosely in my mind I can roll it around in my thoughts, see it from new angles, and find a way forward.” — Adam Pratt, author of Declutter Your Photo Life

“Taking a break (a real break, with no internal guilt trips!) tends to be the solution for me. Alternatively, sometimes I make myself work on whatever it is I’m blocked on for 15 minutes at a time even if I think that what I’m creating isn’t good, and occasionally I find that I break through the block.” — Masha Knots, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Friendship Bracelets

“When I experience a creator’s block, I usually take a step back from the moment. I discovered that relaxing, as well as taking a break, is truly a part of the creating process. Some ideas deserve a bit of breathing space before a new endeavor can begin.” — Ashlee Elle, author of Retro Crochet

“A cannabis edible and a little time in the garden will work wonders on me.” — Monica Lo, author of The Weed Gummies Cookbook

“I read excerpts from authors who have inspired me before, and also try to get outside in nature. Music is a big help as well. If you crank the music loud enough it can drown out any negative self-talk!” — Darcy Reed, author of Extraordinary Women with Cameras

“I will step away from something I’m writing and work on something else and then come back with a slightly different perspective.” — Marc Wasserman, author of Ska-Boom!

“I definitely had a few times where I struggled to write while making Mixology and Murder. Whenever that happened, I always decided to turn my brain onto something completely different to give myself a little break. So instead of picking a true crime podcast to listen to or documentary to watch, I’d switch over to something relaxing like crocheting or watching anime. Then in a few hours’ time, or even the next day, I felt like I was ready to dive back into writing.” — Kierra Sondereker, author of Mixology and Murder

“Usually I go for a walk or try to play around with colors without any specific purpose for an outcome.” — Volta Voloshin-Smith, author of Watercolor Snacks

“I just write badly, or write nonsense and then edit. Or I draw. Or doodle. I just create something when I feel like I can’t create.” — Rich Armstrong, author of The Perfect 100 Day Project

What helps you beat writer’s block? Share your tips in the comments below!

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